Copyright Infringement

Theodore Levitt is credited with the conception that “Creativity is thinking up new things, innovation is doing new things.[1]” The practical implication of the foregoing is that innovation and creativity are the bedrock of progress, growth, and development in any society. Thus, in the entertainment industry, creativity and innovation determine…
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Protection Of Market Competitors

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act, 2018, is an Act of the National Assembly, its focus is to promote and maintain competitive markets in the Nigerian economy; promote economic efficiency; protect and promote the interests and welfare of consumers by providing consumers with a wider variety of quality products…
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What to do before you purchase land in Nigeria

The constitution ,which is the supreme law of the land in section 43 of the 1999 constitution empowers every citizen of Nigeria to own and acquire immovable property anywhere in Nigeria. In a bid to fulfill this solemn provision of  the constitution , in acquisition of landed property, a lot…
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