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One of the reasons I have enjoyed working at Pelicancrest LP is because of the core values of the firm.

The first one is integrity. We speak the truth. Say what we mean and do what we say we would do and keep our commitments. This clause is always in our letters accepting instructions from clients. Integrity is however a 2 way street. We show integrity and we demand the same from our clients. We expect and demand that clients be honest and candid with us. We demand that staff and colleagues be honest.

Recently, a colleague saw a bill/invoice we had prepared for a client and felt the client would reject the bill. For context, let’s say the client wanted us to obtain a permit for him and the permit would cost 500,000.00 and our fee was for 1,000,000.00. The colleague felt it would be better to “adjust” the permit cost to 800,000.00 and let our own fee be 200,000.00 as the client would be more inclined to pay us our 1,000,000.00 this way.

I wouldn’t tell you what I did. But let me hear from you, what would integrity do in this situation?

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